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World Cup Thursday, July 04, 2013 Word Cup and Panamerican happens July 04, registration is open.
5th World Championships Seniors and Veterans Wednesday, June 05, 2013 View the Pole. Click Here.

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Delhi, India Friday, November 23, 2012 The preparation of the days of competition was very strict and well-studied; checking out the sport-hall, preparing the pools and not at the last 2 press conferences with 11 TV Broadcast studious present at the Headquarters of the AIBKF federation announced the next 3 hard days in the Talkatora Indoor Stadium Delhi.

The referee seminar was conducted by Luis Ivan, Brazil, the Director of the WUKF Referee Commission. The referee teams, 44 of the best Asia WUKF referees were present at Delhi, trying to find the last updates and news of the WUKF rules. An interactive seminar, very well organized by Luis Ivan, cleared the most important aspects of the application of the rules. Mr. Azad Kumar from England, one of the experimented WUKF referee, joined the seminar, helping the lecturer.

The opening ceremony started in time, bringing together more than 2500 people.

Lot of important VIP and officials, spectators and trainers, delegates and coaches filled the sports hall of the competition, marched on a wonderful dynamic and modern Indian music animating all the participants. More than two hours and a half, speeches and traditional dances, demonstrations and modern dances delighted the audience.

The Kata competition began with the children events for the present styles: Budokan, Shotokan, GojuRyu, ShorinRyu and ShitoRyu. Competitors from Bangladesh, Brazil, Denmark, India, Iran, Kirgizstan, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom lined-up at the tatamies for Kata competition.

Hundreds of children trembling of emotions and hopes lined-up to the tatamies waiting to demonstrate their performance. Of course like all the competitions some of them were happy and some of them sad but this is the life of a Karate-ka. They will go back into their dojos and practice harder, preparing the next competition where they will hope to become champions.

In the afternoon the senior?s competition had a very high level; competitors from Brazil, Denmark, Russia and Romania, World and European champions strengthened the concurrence at some of the categories.

The strong competitors of Asia faced the high performance of the competitors from "the rest of the world champions" and we were very happy to see that before and especially after the competition they become friends sharing their experience together. For sure the friendly climate was the strong point of the first day and we do hope that this will be kept in the next days.

Tomorrow the Kumite competition will start and the most important job will be in the hands of the referees excellent conducted by Luis Ivan, the director of the WUKF Referee Department. Let?s see how the Asian champions will resist to the offensive of the European champions. We shall come back to you with news.


Dear Karate friends, Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Dear Karate friends,
The European Championship at Irvine was not only a successful championship but a very good source of experience and new ideas. WUKF Executive Committee, the Referee Team and not at the last all the presidents of our affiliated federations had the opportunity to exchange ideas, proposals or future plans all of these contributing at the WUKF progress.

The Scotland experience leaded to an idea coming from the WUKF president experience that was discussed with almost all presidents presented at the last championship at Irvine and with the Referee Commission as well. Unanimously they approved the idea to change the frame of organizing the European events into a simpler one. Up to now WUKF organized European Championship for seniors and veterans in even years and European Championship for children, cadets and junior sin odd years. This system permitted to the junior categories to have continental championship yearly but the other categories only two years that was not fair for them. Also, some federations have only children teams so they have the opportunity to come to WUKF European Championships only once at two years. In the years that we shall organize the World events outside Europe some European countries will not have the possibility to participate due to the higher costs so they will miss WUKF competitions for one year.

The seniors and veterans championships allow the participation of competitors over 18 years old only and the cadets and especially the children (that are the WUKF future) don?t have the opportunity to participate into same events; they need to see and make idols from our seniors champions this being really frustrating for them.

We checked the statistic of our championships starting from 2005 and was easy to see that European children events (started successfully in 2009 at Constanta, Romania) were organized with more or less 1000 - 1200 competitors and the European seniors championships with more or less 350 - 500 competitors; a very important difference. This difference was important especially for the organizing federation that made nearly same efforts for both events but their incomes were very different. This could lead very easily in the near future to not have applications for organizing European senior championships.

So the only good solution was the one that the WUKF president proposed at Irvine: the European championships will be organized yearly for all ages.

Of course this solution will impose the selection of the sport halls very carefully because we can manage these events in 3 days only using 10-12 tatamis. The incomes that will go to the organizing federations will be 25% from the registration fees of individual and teams events (same like at World events) and will be this way more uniform for all WUKF events. Also due to the high number of participants (we expect to have more or less 1500 - 2000 participants) these incomes will be attractive for the federations that will apply for the organization of European events. And is easy to realize that the WUKF image will increase this way promoting and organizing events with 1500 competitors compared with the ones with 350-400 competitors.

We do believe that we can organize such big events; at Irvine we had more than 70 referees, enough for more than 12 tatamis and we are sure that the referee team will increase not only as number but especially as performance.
The first WUKF European Championship that will be organized using this frame will be at Sheffield, England where we already have a superb sport hall where we can easily fit 12 tatamis. Let?s see the next European championship applications for 2014, we promise you to choose the best location for European countries.

Liviu Crisan
General Secretary

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Monday, January 09, 2017

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