Thursday, January 09, 2014

Dear Karate friends

Now everybody awaits Verona, the city of love, the city that accepted the WUKF challenge for next June. The preparations are already underway and for sure we shall have there the best of our events. Italian pride is at top level. FEKAM will be helped by the other Italian federations to show to all that Italy is the best home of Karate.

A fantastic city where you can find all will be the capital of our European Championship 2014. We started the preparation with more than one year ago and now all the ômotorsö are fully charged for offering you the best WUKF event ever made.
We are working for the optimization of the competition activities for increasing the efficiency of our system of competition. Veterans will have this time a special attention and importance.

Make your reservation in time, stay connected on our web page for the news and be sure you will enjoy your time at Verona. We are doing our best for that.

Liviu Crisan
WUKF President
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President: Hamid Soltani

Country: I.r. Iran

Swiss Goju Ryu Karate Do Association

President: Claudio Gereon

Country: Switzerland

Sska--Shukokai Shitoryu Karate Alliance

President: Kenneth Gee

Country: England

Amateur Martial Association--International

President: Peter Allen

Country: England

Ika Serbia-- Gosoku Ryu Union Of Serbia

President: Bozidar Z. Puric

Country: Serbia

Unione Karate Sportivo Italia

President: Rossini Guido

Country: Italy

Update Information April 2014 Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear WUKF friends,

Please find attached the new WUKF Bulletin for April 2014 focused on the
up-dated information regarding the organisation of the European
Championship at Verona, Italy.
In short time we shall publish a special bulletin for the next World Championship in Poland.

We look forward to meet you at our events.

Best regards,

Prof.Dr.Liviu Crisan
WUKF President


Friday, April 11, 2014

WUKF Bulletin 26


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