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Karate to the Olympic Games? Friday, May 28, 2010 Karate to the Olympic Games? This would do very good to the mankind conscience. Maybe it could seem an exaggeration, but, certainly, karate could become an important plug to embed with all the other political and religious initiatives which are trying to give to the rich West a great conscience on the deep values of life that are definitely fading. Karate could spread and teach people not only its technical side, but even the deepest side of martial arts, if it should be appropriately presented at the Olympic Games. It might be enough to introduce the karate principles, that consciously or unconsciously are trained by all karate styles, "modern" or "traditionalist": to improve the spirit - following the way of sincerity -, to strengthen tirelessly the spirit - keeping to an impeccable behavior -, to abstain from violence and to get self-control. Unfortunately the constant breaking up of karate into various Federations and Associations only for a few persons "interest" or for the conviction of training the "only real karate", moves the great possibility of getting karate included in the Olympic Games away. So we will arrive at the point of "no return" that will definitely exclude karate from the group of sports watched all over the world. We must consider that a boy who does physical exercise in a gym is one person less on the street; this is already a great result for which it is worth of going beyond all the reasonable convictions that the leadership of karate federations and associations put forward. A lot of people haven"t understand that who trains karate must keep high the value of martial arts above all the low human aspirations. One day a kumite champion told me: "I hate war, but I like fighting" and this make me understand again that who teaches karate, besides nourishing the people body, nourishes their soul too. It would be good if things could work as above mentioned, but, unfortunately, it"s not so. The deep values of life are disappearing just because people give priority to the material richness, to have rather than to be. Nowadays the "market" controls everybody life, and only if you have great riches you can influence it. Everything is regulated by profit and billions of workers are suffering the consequences of it. My personal opinion is that karate at the Olympic Games should be totally distorted favouring the show and the sponsors, but the most negative aspect is that, for public opinion, the Olympic karate should be the real karate and no other. By Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti ( Samurai Magazine )
Letter for federations Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Letter for federations Dear colleagues! We started this year a Referee Seminar program for Referees and Coaches, to present and teach the WUKF Rules. Yes, also for coaches! Because they train and prepare the competitors and they must do it according to these Rules! We notice that coaches haven?t understand some of the WUKF Rules and they have old rules in mind! For this reason: discussions, protests, anger, etc. So, is compulsory to know the Rules. The first federation which organized a seminar was the Ulster Federation, lead by Mr Columba. Bravo and thanks for organizing and implication of Irish referees, coaches and competitors! For local reasons, Ukraine and Russia have declined this seminars already prepared. I wish that all understand that this kind of seminar is good FOR YOU! If you?ll have good referees, well prepared competitors (according the Rules) then you?ll have a safety valuable presence at the events, a better confidence in referees by supporting your own referees! If every federation proposes its target (concerning referees? and competitor?s performance) for next year 2011, for sure the first step in your referee strategy will be these seminars! Remains just one and a half year until the end of 2010, when all federations MUST provide to the main events of WUKF (world and continental) at least 2 persons (referee/judge)! Let?s use NOW the seminars and then you can work hard in your own your country! Furthermore: we have ?new entries? in WUKF family: Italy, Poland, Serbia, Denmark, Croatia, etc. We are so glad for these competitors who, for sure, will increase the value of competitions. Help them to prepare according to the Rules! You will need referees in competitions! Believe me, is very important to have good referee at the competitions! Don?t rely yourself on ?I have old referees?! They must change some habits, some old rules which still remain in there minds! An ?old? referee (no matter hi is coming from WKC, WKF, WUKO, etc) will be a BETTER WUKF REFEREE after some months of events practice. Our goal is to have a competent team of referees, knowing and applying correctly WUKF Rules. I?ll assume this task personally! So, let?s start the SEMINARS! Please, think, advice yourselves, consult everybody and then answer me, until 24 May 2010! - YES, we want to organise a WUKF seminar. - NO, we don?t need it. Let?s see some available dates 2010: June (free) ? August (Serbia?! nothing established) ? September (1- 20.09 is free)-October (Poland?!)-November (1-20.11 is free) Sever Cucu Chairman WUKF Referee Commission Email:
Mr.Osvaldo Messias de Oliveira - Mr.Spartaco Bertoletti - Mr.Liviu Crisan and Sensei Yoshinao Nanbu. Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Mr.Osvaldo Messias de Oliveira - Mr.Spartaco Bertoletti - Mr.Liviu Crisan and Sensei Yoshinao Nanbu.
Dubai - Dhaka - Bangladesh Friday, February 26, 2010 Dubai - Dhaka - Bangladesh
Update Information April 2014 Tuesday, November 30, 1999 Dear WUKF friends,

Please find attached the new WUKF Bulletin for April 2014 focused on the up-dated information regarding the organisation of the European Championship at Verona, Italy.
In short time we shall publish a special bulletin for the next World Championship in Poland.

We look forward to meet you at our events.

Best regards,

Prof.Dr.Liviu Crisan
WUKF President
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