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Visit to Philipines Sunday, August 08, 2010 Visit to Philipines
To Mr. Farookh Sensei Monday, July 26, 2010 To Mr. Farookh Sensei The WUKF Executive Committee of World Union of Karate Do Federations decided unanimously to appoint Mr. Farookh Sensei, the President of ISKKA - International Shotokan Karate Kodokai Association of Qatar - as WUKF AMBASSADOR for Asia. His goodwill for WUKF promoting in his region being very strong we look forward to have in our friend Sensei Farookh an excellent representative. Sensei Farookh is a very serious man and he has all our credibility working in his charge. Sincerely, Osvaldo Messias de Oliveira WUKF President
Message of President Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Message of President Dear Karate Friends, The "3rd WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR CHILDREN, CADETS AND JUNIORS" and the "INTERNATIONAL WUKF OPEN FOR SENIORS", were the biggest success of the Karate world. Since the reception in the airports up to the farewell party, the CBKI - Confedera?ao Brasileira de Karate Interestilos, showed to the world how an event must be organized. The transfers were assured by 10 buses and 3 vans during all the week of the event, 24 hours at the disposal of all participants. On 7th and 8th July the Seminars of Referees was organized, a big number of participation was recorded. Mr.Sever Cucu, Chairman of WUKF Referees Commission, and the team of referees worked together theoretical and practical aspects of WUKF rukes into a high level seminar. The Conference room of Hotel Burbon in Sao Paulo was a perfect and comfortable place for all referees and coaches participating at this seminar. The big Karate champion, the fantastic athlete and trainer, Christophe Pinna, was invited for teaching two Kumite Seminars where 600 athletes participated. It was a really show of competence and quality training of Christophe Pinna class. The participation fee for the seminar was this time basic aliments, 5 kilos of rice or floor or sugar; there were over 5.000 kg of aliments that were donated after to two orphanages in Sao Paulo being a exceptionally example of spirit of humanity of Mr. Pinna, who requested no fee from the organizers. WUKF and CBKI want to send the best thanks to the big champion and man, Christophe Pinna. The WUKF Congress was organized, as always, in the deepest warm and friendship atmosphere, democracy and opportunity for all presidents for expressing their opinions and ideas. On 8th July the CBKI Reception took place in the Bourbon Hotel, it was the best WUKF reception up today, many Brazilian authorities and personalities were invited, participating together with the federations presidents and VIPs. The protocol, music and entertainment were marvelous, providing after the festivity session a good environment for the Presidents, Referees and officials to exchange ideas. From 9th to 11th of July we had the competition days into the Ibirapuera Sport Hall, a huge stadium for 16.000 spectators, with lot of facilities. It was for the first time that WUKF and CBKI invested at so high level into competition technology, the Karate Competition System worked very well, with the expected errors (like all the software used for the first time) that were recorded and will be eliminated for the next championship. Every day the organizers distributed 1.000 free food boxes to all participants, a big restaurant was available free for all Referees, Officials and Representatives of the Federations members too. The Open Ceremony was a big show, 28 present Federations and Brazilian team were very surprised by the big group of TAIKO, demonstration of the big champion Christophe Pinna, who simulated some fights with different aged children during demonstrations. Unfortunately the financial crisis from Europe and other countries affected the expected participation at the championship, some federation canceling their participation in Brazil in the last moment. During the Open Ceremony we saw the fantastic demonstration of the big master Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and his student Angelo Balconi, both from Italy, high level techniques of Kobujutsu and personal defense of this Martial Art, thank you good friend Bertoletti for your support to WUKF. The show was ended with a big samba carnival, where at the end all the participants danced and made photos with the most important samba school from Sao Paulo. After the end of the championship, we had the Farwell Party into the Bourbon Hotel Conference Room, with more than 600 participants, who received free buffet and drinks; DJ Alexandre, who was the heart of the discotheque, did a big show of dancing and good time. During the championships we had honor of the presence of important personalities of Karate World: Sensei Oscar Higa, the big master of Shorin Ryu, Sensei Yassunori Yonamine, one of the biggest master Goju Ryu from Okinawa; thanks to all masters for their presences in our event that brought more brightness to our championships. WUKF and CBKI demonstrated the competence of big events organization, using high level of technology, showing respect to the participants. Thanks for all, it is WUKF recovering the Karate and as always I have to say: "Together we can do the best Karate in whole of the world" Vice-president and General Secretary Prof.dr. Liviu Crisan President, Osvaldo Messias de Oliveira
NTERNATIONAL SHOTOKAN KARATE ACADEMY Monday, June 14, 2010 NTERNATIONAL SHOTOKAN KARATE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SHOTOKAN KARATE ACADEMY Boletin Seminario Americano (M?xico 2010) Seminario Americano M?xico 2010 25, 26 y 27 de Junio Imparte: Sensei Rub?n Cernuda 6o Dan Ex?menes ISKA Homologaciones WUKF 16 de Julio 2010 ISKA Honbu Dojo Gij?n - Asturias Desc?rgate m?s Informaci?n de estos eventos Examenes de Dan ISKA ( Portugal - Octubre 2010) JSKA World Championships
Karate to the Olympic Games? Friday, May 28, 2010 Karate to the Olympic Games? This would do very good to the mankind conscience. Maybe it could seem an exaggeration, but, certainly, karate could become an important plug to embed with all the other political and religious initiatives which are trying to give to the rich West a great conscience on the deep values of life that are definitely fading. Karate could spread and teach people not only its technical side, but even the deepest side of martial arts, if it should be appropriately presented at the Olympic Games. It might be enough to introduce the karate principles, that consciously or unconsciously are trained by all karate styles, "modern" or "traditionalist": to improve the spirit - following the way of sincerity -, to strengthen tirelessly the spirit - keeping to an impeccable behavior -, to abstain from violence and to get self-control. Unfortunately the constant breaking up of karate into various Federations and Associations only for a few persons "interest" or for the conviction of training the "only real karate", moves the great possibility of getting karate included in the Olympic Games away. So we will arrive at the point of "no return" that will definitely exclude karate from the group of sports watched all over the world. We must consider that a boy who does physical exercise in a gym is one person less on the street; this is already a great result for which it is worth of going beyond all the reasonable convictions that the leadership of karate federations and associations put forward. A lot of people haven"t understand that who trains karate must keep high the value of martial arts above all the low human aspirations. One day a kumite champion told me: "I hate war, but I like fighting" and this make me understand again that who teaches karate, besides nourishing the people body, nourishes their soul too. It would be good if things could work as above mentioned, but, unfortunately, it"s not so. The deep values of life are disappearing just because people give priority to the material richness, to have rather than to be. Nowadays the "market" controls everybody life, and only if you have great riches you can influence it. Everything is regulated by profit and billions of workers are suffering the consequences of it. My personal opinion is that karate at the Olympic Games should be totally distorted favouring the show and the sponsors, but the most negative aspect is that, for public opinion, the Olympic karate should be the real karate and no other. By Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti ( Samurai Magazine )
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